When is Solas Music going to visit NYC?

About Solas Music (active 1996–2016)

Solas was an Irish-American music band known for their captivating blend of traditional Irish music with contemporary influences. Formed in 1996, the group has been a prominent force in the world of Celtic music, captivating audiences with their exceptional musicianship and heartfelt performances.

The band’s lineup has evolved over the years, but their dedication to preserving the essence of Irish music remains constant. Solas has garnered critical acclaim for their ability to seamlessly merge traditional tunes, such as reels and jigs, with original compositions and arrangements. Their music often incorporates elements of folk, bluegrass, and even jazz, resulting in a unique and dynamic sound.

Solas has released numerous albums throughout their career, each showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. Their recordings feature a wide range of instruments, including fiddles, flutes, whistles, guitars, banjos, and bodhráns (Irish drums), among others. The band’s attention to detail and skillful interplay between instruments create a rich tapestry of sound that is both energetic and evocative.

One of the defining features of Solas’ music is the enchanting vocals. The band has been fortunate to have had several talented singers contribute to their sound over the years. These vocalists bring a depth of emotion to the songs, whether it be heartfelt ballads or lively, foot-stomping tunes. The lyrics often tell stories rooted in Irish history, mythology, and everyday life, connecting listeners to the traditions and spirit of Ireland.

Solas has received widespread recognition for their contributions to Celtic music. They have been nominated for and won multiple awards, including several Grammy nominations. Their live performances are renowned for their energy and the infectious joy they bring to the stage. Solas has toured extensively, captivating audiences around the world with their passionate and vibrant performances.

The music of Solas transcends boundaries and appeals to a diverse range of listeners. Whether you’re a fan of Irish music or simply appreciate skillful musicianship and heartfelt melodies, Solas has something to offer. Their ability to honor the roots of traditional Irish music while infusing it with contemporary influences has allowed them to carve out a unique and enduring place in the world of Celtic music.

Based on the information we have from  Wikipedia, it appears that Solas Music announced an indefinite hiatus in early 2017. Therefore,  there is no specific information available regarding when Solas Music will be visiting NYC or if they have plans to do so in the future.


  • City Winery
  • Sun, Feb 19 New York, NY
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